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Letter To The Editor - Coronavirus vs. crazy

Leave the baby wipes for families with infants
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I’m a stay-at-home mom … kinda. I have two part-time jobs and do lots of volunteering. I have three kids from kindergarten to Grade 5. My daughter is probably more likely to have a harder time dealing with COVID-19 than the majority of residents in town.

Since February I’ve been more aware of coughs echoing down the hallway in the middle of the night. I’ve kissed foreheads a little more often to feel for extra heat. I’ve been listening a little harder about classmates going on vacation. I’ve tried to limit my social outings to necessity. I’ve watched the news enough to be informed and on alert but not so much that I’m inundated with false facts and scare tactics.

So, now the schools are closed. The churches are closed. Any fun activities that I could keep my kids occupied with are closed. I’m OK with that. What I have a problem with is the crazy that comes along with this.

I went to the store (March 16) to get antibiotics for a sick child (nope, not anything the public should be worried about) and while in the store, thought I’d pick up some things so I wouldn’t have to leave the house for a bit. I went to get potatoes and bread … there was none. I went to get flour to make bread … nope, empty shelves. I went to get some hand soap just to have the normal “wash your hands after you pee” conversation with my kids … nada. My daughter is in a wheelchair chair and is in diapers. I went to get baby wipes … hmmm. It looked like when the toilet paper frenzy hit, this was the next best thing. The shelves were empty.

I get that in this difficult time people panic hoarding ensues. But please remember that you will not eat 80 pounds of potatoes before they go rotten, everyone needs toilet paper, and PLEASE, if you don’t have a baby, let those products be. Share with your neighbours and friends, remind people with 15 jugs of milk in their cart that trucks are still coming.

Don’t let the coronavirus turn you crazy. After all, toilet paper wasn’t always around and the human race survived.

Kathryn Cyr