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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Our leaders have dropped the ball


WESTLOCK - Back in early February, when I wrote my ‘World Changing Event’ letter to the paper, I ended by saying that we had to hope and pray that cases in countries such as Canada could be contained, or we would be in for a very rough ride. 

The breathtaking incompetence since that time has been a wonder to behold, and that rough ride is now assured. No action was taken to stop flights bringing infected people into Canada, and very little effort was made to test for COVID-19 carriers.

Federal health minister Patty Hajdu told us that she had been briefed on the virus by experts on Jan. 10 and stated that there was “no clear evidence of human to human transmission,” despite numerous experts telling anyone who cared to listen that it spread through the air.

The government assured us there was nothing to worry about. The devastation occurring in China should have been enough to alert anyone who cared, which was why I wrote my letter.

Had the federal government taken decisive action then, we would be in a very much better situation now. Only when the virus was obviously well established in Canada, did they start to halt flights, but even then it was a half-hearted effort. 

Things are not much better at the provincial level. I watched our health minister displaying incredible ignorance, so his advisors are also doing a very poor job. At one point he was talking about it being like the flu and with the approaching warm weather, he was expecting the number of infections to tail off.

Apparently, he had not noticed that in warm places like Australia the virus was spreading just the same as here. Recently I checked the frequently asked questions for staff at the Alberta Health Services site and it tells us: “COVID-19 is not airborne and cannot spread through the air over long distances.”

Anyone paying attention knows that it travels through the air very efficiently, all you have to do is listen to the medical people in China, Iran and Italy who have been pleading with us to wake up to how easily it spreads, and not make the same mistakes that they did. 

Our health care workers do not seem to have the necessary protective clothing, which is an absolute disgrace. It looks like they will be going into battle with insufficient protection, and they will no doubt, get infected.

Almost nobody is wearing face masks and we are being told they are unnecessary. Why are they being used in China, Italy and Iran if they are useless? Presumably they are of some help.  Apparently there are none available in Canada, because they are made in China and we are too inept to find alternative sources.

Well, maybe we need to mobilize everyone who has a sewing machine to start making face masks out of old clothing. They might not be as good as the mass produced ones, but they would be better than nothing. Let’s do something.

Our leaders have thoroughly dropped the ball, and now they are destroying the economy. They are going to strip us of more liberties, and probably use this chaos they have created to force dangerous, untested vaccinations on us. It is at times such as this, that we see how thin the veneers of liberty and prosperity really are.

Edward Goodliffe