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What are the facts?


First I would like to thank all that read my letter and thanks for all the comments both for and against. It was pointed out to me that some of my statements were not factual.

It was also pointed out to me that you cannot believe that which is printed in the local news. I would like to say that I do not write with a malicious intent.

I write with the opinion of a member of this constituency. I am not so wise as to be correct at all times. However I am always ready to listen and then form an opinion of my own.

What are the facts? Where do we get them and who do we believe?

It was explained to me by a councillor that I should attend council meetings.

You see we elected a man from Division 7 to attend council meetings so that our concerns are placed on the table and deliberated in an atmosphere of reason. 

Questions should be asked and all debate should be made public. This council should not  only be fair and square but must seem to be that way. When there are rumours  running rampant in this county — some of them even believable — it becomes difficult to separate the chaff from the good stuff.

The statement that you cannot believe that which is printed in the newspaper is wrong.  The Letters to the Editor may be in question, but I do believe that the Westlock News makes every effort to put the facts in print.

Every councillor should have the word FACT burnt onto their forehead as a reminder of their oath of office. If we know the facts and they are proven then there can be no dispute.

Again I ask this council to get off the pity potty and restore my councillor fully to his elected position and answer a few questions that many of us have.


Jim Turnbull