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Obeying Calling Lake fishing rules and regulations a problem this summer

Despite new fishing regulations, fines have been piling up this summer at Calling Lake where many fishers have not been obeying the new rules set out by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD).

Young man receives jail time and large fines

Chad Ray Howse, 21, pleaded guilty to four separate charges at Boyle Provincial Court Aug. 10, which resulted in several large fines and jail time for the young man.

Oct. 18 checklist

It's now four months until St. Albert voters head to the polls for the Oct. 18 civic election. With that in mind here's a quick run-down of who's running and who's not from incumbent councillors and challengers.

Badrock enters race

Another challenger entered the race for city council last week when Frances Badrock tipped her hat for a third straight run. Badrock ran in 2007 and 2004, but didn't fare well.

St. Albert election checklist, v. 2.0

This comes a few days late, but the race for city council attracted a few more candidates when Roger Lemieux said he'll seek a second term and Wes Brodhead indicated he's willing to give it another try.

Digitalization project will create jobs for students, community members alike

A new partnership between Athabasca University (AU) and Aspen View Regional Public Schools has created a win-win situation for Edwin Parr Composite (EPC) students, members of the community, EPC and AU.