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Athabasca News

Trial of former youth worker on child porn charges begins

The trial on child pornography charges of former Athabasca youth worker Jason Andrew Keough began Monday in Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench in Edmonton.

Mayor Powell warns water rates could double

Athabascans are facing the prospect of their water bills rising by as much as 100 per cent under a ‘pay as you use’ scheme, to be implemented once the new water treatment plant opens next month.

Boyle council candidate hits back at anonymous critics

A Boyle village council candidate who’s running his election campaign on a platform of greater government transparency is himself being accused of having a hidden agenda.

Powell and Morrill face off in mayoral race

The local economy and the environment are just two of the hot-button issues faced by Colleen Powell and her rival Roger Morrill in the mayoral race that could see Athabascans choosing a new leader next month.

County Ward 9 gears up for local election campaign

Candidates in Athabasca County Ward 9 (Richard Park) are gearing up for next month’s elections and getting their campaign platforms rolling.

Village of Boyle aquires land for industrial, commercial and airport development

Alberta Municipal Affairs Minister Hector Goudreau on Sept. 10 signed off on legislation to annex a portion of land to the Village of Boyle, which will present the village with future developmental opportunities.

Stoking the flames of the past

Sharon Harding (back) tries to get a better look while Ralph Gilmore stokes the flames in order to get a medal red hot during the blacksmith demonstration that was held Saturday morning on the riverfront as part of the Athabasca Heritage Art Days Sept. 18-19.

County councillors face opposition

Almost all the current Athabasca County councillors will have to turn back challengers if they hope to retain their seats. Following Monday’s close of nominations for the Oct.

Ten people seek seven town council seats

In the town of Athabasca, voters will choose their mayor Oct. 18, as current councillor Roger Morrill challenges incumbent Colleen Powell. Powell has completed one term as mayor after serving as a councillor for nine years.

Seven candidates will likely run for Village of Boyle council

Two new faces will attempt to earn seats on Boyle Village council in the Oct. 18 municipal election. The two new candidates, David Peter Bencharsky and Roger Hall, make it seven hopefuls running for the five open councillor spots.