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What are the facts?

What are the facts?

Deputy reeve answers Westlock County critics

Deputy reeve answers Westlock County critics

‘Tis the season

Where did the summer go? Heck, where did the fall go? In the last few months we’ve given thanks, we’ve been spooked and we’ve remembered those who’ve served and as we complete one more cycle around the sun and head into the end of the calendar year,

Saying thank you

Dear Editor, When a person is so integral to an accomplishment, you have to make sure they receive the recognition. I wish I could transcend my gratitude beyond this letter. A current colleague of mine deserves recognition and a huge thank you.

Disadvantages outweigh the benefits

Dear Editor, Everyone waves a red flag when western separation is mentioned. We will be land locked and the disadvantages will outweigh the benefits. We need to put some serious thought into the truth surrounding these claims. If B.C.

A bitter pill

One of the main reasons Albertans voted in the United Conservative Party (UCP) earlier this year was to eliminate the province’s $8.7 billion deficit and pay off the province’s debt, which they estimate will climb to $93 billion by 2023.


Reflecting veteran’s legacy

Lest we forget. We hear these three words all over the country at the events surrounding Remembrance Day and the day itself. So what does that mean? Like many phrases, there are often many meanings.

Crime plan insubstantial

Kevin Berger – Leader Staff Sometimes there is a provincial story that we would like to report on but struggle to “localize” by finding someone in Barrhead that we could speak to about it.

It’s either a full-time job or it isn’t

We were disappointed to learn that Woodlands County councillors approved a 15 percent pay hike during their 2019 budget deliberations.