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Crime plan insubstantial

Kevin Berger – Leader Staff Sometimes there is a provincial story that we would like to report on but struggle to “localize” by finding someone in Barrhead that we could speak to about it.

It’s either a full-time job or it isn’t

We were disappointed to learn that Woodlands County councillors approved a 15 percent pay hike during their 2019 budget deliberations.
Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

Always remember

You can’t even imagine the scene unless you’ve been there.

It is time to make Remembrance Day a true national day of remembrance by making a national stat holiday

Remembrance Day should be a federally mandated statutory holiday. Period. The fact that in 2019 Remembrance Day is not a statutory holiday in every province boggles my mind. Currently, Remembrance Day is only a statutory holiday in B.C.

An end to war

With Halloween now behind us, we now turn our thoughts to a more somber occasion: Remembrance Day.


Austere or insincere?

Now that we have a budget we’d like to take everybody back to the not-yet-premier Jason Kenney talking about “more money in the pockets of Albertans.
Result Stew

Result Stew

A vote for the environment

Kevin Berger – Leader Staff This week’s column is going to be delving into a story I wrote this week about the Student Vote, an educational exercise that occurs alongside the provincial and federal elections.