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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

Always remember

You can’t even imagine the scene unless you’ve been there.

It is time to make Remembrance Day a true national day of remembrance by making a national stat holiday

Remembrance Day should be a federally mandated statutory holiday. Period. The fact that in 2019 Remembrance Day is not a statutory holiday in every province boggles my mind. Currently, Remembrance Day is only a statutory holiday in B.C.

An end to war

With Halloween now behind us, we now turn our thoughts to a more somber occasion: Remembrance Day.


Austere or insincere?

Now that we have a budget we’d like to take everybody back to the not-yet-premier Jason Kenney talking about “more money in the pockets of Albertans.
Result Stew

Result Stew

A vote for the environment

Kevin Berger – Leader Staff This week’s column is going to be delving into a story I wrote this week about the Student Vote, an educational exercise that occurs alongside the provincial and federal elections.

Alberta’s in tough

It has been a tough two weeks for Albertans.

Reader says federal government doesn’t understand the West’s concerns

Contrary to the Eastern Media and political so-called experts Western unrest is not all about oil or pipelines. Our agricultural industry and federal government agencies including our court system, are in chaos.