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Ultimate volunteers

Living in the country we sometimes take things for granted. Like being able to walk into a store and knowing the owner by his first name, or the fact that it takes mere minutes for most of us to get to work on our morning commute.
Scare Candidate

Scare Candidate

Honouring our firefighters

This week we celebrate Fire Prevention Week. OK, perhaps celebrate isn’t the right word. The purpose of Fire Prevention Week is more like a kick in the butt reminding us to take proper precautions to prevent fires.

Price of policing

Back when the NDP were still in control of the government, they had allocated $10 million towards hiring 39 more RCMP officers and creating 40 civilian positions within a policing support centre, along with $2 million for more Crown prosecutors.

Making a difference

We always encourage citizens to get involved in their community at a grassroots level, so taking part in the Stop Crime Forum coming up Oct. 3 at Outriders is a no-brainer.

AHS working on filling vacant doctor positions

Dear Editor, It is our goal to ensure that all residents have access to the healthcare services they require in an appropriate and sustainable manner.

Be part of the solution

People need to be realistic. There is only so much a municipal police force can do in the fight against crime.
Campaign Promises

Campaign Promises

Drawing back the curtain

Kevin Berger – Leader Staff Up until last week, vaping was one of those things I had never really given much thought to.

The digital jungle

Have you heard? Justin Trudeau converted to Islam and is working diligently to bring enough refugees and immigrants into Canada to secure Liberal election victories for years to come. Scandalous right? And totally, 100 per cent, not true.