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Be part of the solution

People need to be realistic. There is only so much a municipal police force can do in the fight against crime.
Campaign Promises

Campaign Promises

Drawing back the curtain

Kevin Berger – Leader Staff Up until last week, vaping was one of those things I had never really given much thought to.

The digital jungle

Have you heard? Justin Trudeau converted to Islam and is working diligently to bring enough refugees and immigrants into Canada to secure Liberal election victories for years to come. Scandalous right? And totally, 100 per cent, not true.

Bitten by the stupidity bug

It is an illness that strikes without warning — without regard for age, religion, ethnicity, gender, or economic background. OK, in reality, it isn’t an illness, but for all purposes, it might as well be one. What am I talking about? Stupidity.
Kenney - Trudeau

Kenney - Trudeau

Path to despair

Those who deny climate change or accept it but argue against taking action for various reasons may scoff at the millions of young people across the world who took part in the Global Climate Strike last week.

Amazing indeed

We’ve been hearing about the Amazing Race coming to town for a couple of months now, and while we never believed the actual U.S.
Election VR

Election VR

A short inside look

Kevin Berger – Leader Staff Coming up with a column isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes an idea jumps out at you, sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes, there are other considerations.